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Gladiator Freshman Ranked 18th in the Country

Gladiator Jamie “Dewey” DeWitt is having a stellar freshman season as the leader of Bucknell’s defense.

Currently she ranks 18th in the NCAA Division 1 poll.  We are very proud of her.

To follow Dewey, please go to

List of all Freshmen

Rank Player               Team           Pos  Cls    Power Rating

1    Levy,Nicole          Syracuse        A    Fr        73.9742
2    Taylor,Megan         Maryland        G    Fr        70.3063
3    Andrews,Molly        High Point      G    Fr        70.2615
4    Tesoriero,Anna       Stony Brook     G    Fr        69.4410
5    Apuzzo,Sam           Boston College  M    Fr        69.2075
6    Ewertsen,Lindsey     Columbia        AM   Fr        68.4398
7    Ortega,Nikki         Notre Dame      A    Fr        68.3911
8    Wandelt,Kaitlyn      Detroit         M    Fr        68.1007
9    Castagnero,Mia       Richmond        A    Fr        66.9404
10   Hicklen,Haley        Florida         G    Fr        66.5697
11   Girardi,Morgan       Detroit         DM   Fr        66.3603
12   Yanchoris,Kristen    Loyola          D    Fr        65.7798
13   Benson,Angie         Towson          G    Fr        65.1078
14   Jenner,Olivia        Duke            M    Fr        65.0151
15   Tabasso,Sabrina      Loyola          M    Fr        64.9887
16   Steele,Caroline      Maryland        M    Fr        64.8645
17   Herman,Samantha      High Point      M    Fr        64.4033
18   Dewitt,Jamie         Bucknell        G    Fr        64.0677
19   Powers,Hannah        Loyola          A    Fr        63.9608
20   Ronbeck,Lindsey      Florida         M    Fr        63.6540

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