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Crease Call – Kady Glynn

“Crease Call is Gladiator’s weekly spotlight of one of the program’s goaltenders.”
Kady Glynn    

Florham Park, NJ  

High School & Grad Year
Summit High School – 2015  

College & Grad Year
Loyola University Maryland – 2019  

5’ 4”  

Club Team

Favorite Song before a game
Black Skinhead by Kanye West

Pre-game meal
Yogurt Parfait or a farmhouse salad from Potbellys 
Why did you choose to play the goalie position?      
My dad played in college so I just started playing and fell in love with the position, also I didn’t like to run when I was younger.   

What do you personally do to reset after a goal is scored?
To reset after a goal, I close my eyes and count down 5,4,3,2,1 and forget about it and only think about the next shot coming. I take every shot one shot at a time.   

What was the hardest thing thus far that you had to learn as a goalie?   
The hardest thing thus far that I had to learn as a goalie is that it is a position where you cannot be perfect and I have learned mental toughness.      

What was your greatest achievement as a goalie?    
My greatest achievement as a goalie was receiving the New Jersey Player of the Year in 2015.    

What is your largest strength as a goalie and/or leader?    
My largest strength as a goalie is my ability to battle through mentally and physically.            

Who has inspired you the most in your life?     
My dad  

Where are they now?
Coach Glynn is now the Assistant Coach of the Monmouth University Hawks and Coaches at GLADIATOR

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