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“Crease Call is Gladiator’s weekly spotlight of one of the program’s goaltenders.”
Alex Cramer 

Cramer, Crème 

Rocky Point, Connecticut 

High School / Grad Year
St. George’s School, ‘14 

College / Grad Year
Whittier College, ‘18 


Club Team
Connecticut Nuggets 

Favorite Song before a game
I prefer silence 

Pre-game meal
Pasta the night before 

Why did you choose to play the goalie position?
I chose to become a goalie when, my first week playing, I saw a kid in net struggling to save the ball. I thought to myself that I could do a better job, and I gave it a try. Never looked back.

What do you personally do to reset after a goal is scored?
I tap the pipes and remind myself that nobody can score on me. Always look towards the next shot and forget the last one. 

What was the hardest thing thus far that you had to learn as a goalie?
Learning to stay out of my own head. I expect myself to save every shot I see, and I used to grow very frustrated at getting scored on, even in practice. Learning to keep a cool head is truly a goalie’s most valuable ability. 

What was your greatest achievement as a goalie?
My greatest achievement as a goalie is starting in college as a freshman. I started playing lacrosse my junior year of high school, and I am very proud of myself for having improved enough to be able to start in college after only a few years of playing. 

What is your largest strength as a goalie and/or leader?
My greatest strength is my consistency. I have great confidence in my game, and I play to the best of my potential every time I’m on the field. 

Who has inspired you the most in your life?
I never really held one specific person up as my inspiration. But both of my parents have definitely played a huge role in helping me get to where I am today. 

What do you hope to become – career?
My career goal is to be an English teacher by day, professional lacrosse player by night, and published novelist on the side.

2018 Season Statistics – Senior Season at Whittier College
Games Played – 13
Games Started – 11
Minutes Played – 549:38
Goals Against – 117
Goals Against Average – 12.77
Saves – 121

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